Talking About Ramadan

Just a heads up before I start: this post is not going to be cute or fuzzy. It’s going to be a complaint, rant, gripe, whatever you want to call it. I’m not going to name names, mention Facebook pages, use bad language, or claim I’m a good Muslim and you, whoever you might be, are a bad Muslim.

Ramadan is not a substitute for Thanksgiving. Ramadan is not about cooking, special dishes, spending huge amounts at the grocery store, or posting pictures of the fabulous Iftar you or someone else set out the night before.

Ramadan is not a time for children to go door to door every night asking for candy and treats as though this was a month long version of Halloween. I do not care if this is something done in some countries, and I do not care if this is something that has always been done in those same some countries, it is not a part of Ramadan.

Ramadan is not about Eid.

Eid is not a substitute for Christmas. There is no place for Eid gift exchanges, Eid decorations, Eid trees, Eid clothes, Eid cards, and pre-Eid sales.

All right, enough said.