For My New Sisters In Islam (and anyone else who’s interested!)


I see so many new sisters in Islam on the various Facebook groups I follow I wanted to put up some books and information I have always found to be helpful. The poster at the top of this post is a routine my husband taught me many years ago when we were newly married and I couldn’t read any Arabic, so he had to put the dikrs in transliteration for me. He also gave me a large library of Islamic books for study, many of which I’ve scanned and turned into pdfs so they’re easier for me to share. I’ve included three here, I’ve always thought these were the most useful for brand new Muslims. Non-Muslim friends have told me these are helpful as well!


This book teaches you how to pray. No pictures, but the descriptions are very clear and easy to learn.


This book goes into some detail about the rules for Islamic fasting, both during Ramadan and if you want or need to fast at other times.


This has to be my favorite book about Ramadan.

One thought on “For My New Sisters In Islam (and anyone else who’s interested!)

  1. ماشاء الله , great post, Sister!
    I’m sure, it’ll give many benefits to us n others. May Allah reward all your efforts. Ameen, insha’Allah.
    Luv you fillah 💗


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