Pink Sweater Update – take two

as of april 16 2013

First sleeve on, second sleeve started. I stuck the lid of my knitting box inside the body to make it “sit up”. Those yellow strings are holding live stitches that I’ll pick up and use to knit the hem and cuffs. Once the second sleeve is on I’ll finish knitting and shaping the yoke area. I love this way of making a sweater because there are NO seams. And if I make it a turtle neck it doesn’t even have to have a designated front and back. Very nice when making a sweater for people who don’t like having to check which way round to hold the thing before popping it on.  (Crew neck sweaters need to be shaped a bit, otherwise the neckline ends up cutting the wearer across the adam’s apple.) This little sweater doesn’t have any pattern work but….


This is a sweater I knit for myself years ago – exact same structure as the pink sweater, but this one has, as you can see, stranded color work. The patterns are from a book of Turkish knitted sock designs. The color choice is my own, I love bright colors. I didn’t put cuffs or a hem on this sweater because I generally wear it in such a way that only the yoke area shows.


2 thoughts on “Pink Sweater Update – take two

  1. Both sweaters are so cute! I love your choice of colours in both pieces as well, I feel like we have similar taste in colours 😉 hehe I love the Turkish inspired design as well, so pretty.

  2. Thanks! I love bright colors, and tend to dress like some sort of gypsy in a story – I’ve had more than one person say to me something along the lines of ” I thought Muslim women only wear black”, which I happily explain is definitely not the case. There’s a really nice blog called oldschoolhijabi that has some nice pics of the wonderful ways sisters in other parts of the world dress.


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