Knitted Hijab/Khimar


I knitted these hijab/khimar from wool. The purple one is sport weight Lana Loft, the grey/brown is handpun yarn spun by me on my spindle. I used a circular needle, starting at the head and working my way down with ten percent increases every 4 to 5 inches. I crocheted the lower edge on the grey brown, and knitted on the lower edge on the purple one.


10 thoughts on “Knitted Hijab/Khimar

  1. Wow, these are so lovely! I wish I knew how to knit. They look excellent for the winter months when it’s chilly.

    • Thanks! Knitting really isn’t difficult, though I admit I’m probably the wrong person to be saying that, seeing as how I’ve been knitting since I was 5 years old. Try looking up Interweave Press, they often have good stuff for new or wannabe knitters.

    • No, I’ve never tried that, sounds like something I sould try. The closest I’ve come to that is using one long knitted strip as a shayla. Usually if I want a flat piece of material I weave it instead of knitting it – I prefer knitting in the round to flat knitting cause it’s harder to loose a needle when I stuff my latest project in my pocket or purse! : )

  2. as salaam alaikum,

    Man I would love to wear one of these, but I’m allergic to wool so I’d have to wear a hijab underneath. :-/

    • It could also be knitted in a cotton yarn, I know that wouldn’t bother you, and the heavier cotton yarns can be surprisingly warm. Also, have you ever tried wearing either camel or alpaca? Sometimes people who can’t wear sheep wool can wear garments made of these fibers. You also might not be so much allergic to wool itself, but to the chemicals used to clean the wool before spinning it. You might try looking for so-called “organic” wool. Another option is wool from merino sheep. It’s extremely soft, especially the fiber from young animals.

      • I had allergy testing for wool specifically, and it was positive. I’m not sure if the wool they used in those injections also had chemicals in it or if it was pure. I’d rather not find out.

        Cotton it is… 🙂

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